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 Hiten Tejwani (Interview)

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PostSubject: Hiten Tejwani (Interview)   Sat Dec 20, 2008 8:27 am

'Gauri and I are not getting any good offers to work together' - Hiten

is undoubtedly the most popular son on Indian television today. Be it
the immortal Pratham in Kutumb or the evergreen Karan in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi,
Hiten Tejwani has always been able to win sympathies and accolades from
the audience for his performance. Armed with fantastic communication
and interpersonal skills, he has given little chance to his friends and
foes to complain, both on the personal and professional front.

Little wonder that he accepted an interview request with Tellychakkar
immediately. But that was just the beginning of the story. People who
have worked with the handsome actor will agree that it is close to
impossible to carry on a prolonged conversation with Hiten during an
interview, since he goes inside a shell and responds only in

Tellychakkar managed to coax and cajole him for a
freewheeling conversation about his work, his life and his pretty wife.
Excerpts from an interview.

How's life after Kyun Ki?
a serial goes on for more than eight years, it is obvious that it'll
have a great impact on the lives of its cast and crew. Though I have
not been associated with the show for the entire eight years, I have
had a lovely time working for this show. After Kutumb, this show gave
me a new identity – people accepted me as Karan and I played almost all
stages of life of Karan right from the angry young man to the matured
analytical businessman father. So, life is very different post-Kyunki.
I guess for anyone involved with the show it is proving to be difficult
to come to terms with the fact that the journey with the Viranis has
come to an end.

Are you enjoying your free time or are you missing those days?

While I did take some time off and rest for a few days, the
workaloholic person got the better of me. I started to hate staying
indoors whole day without going to work. I have started playing a role
in Jasuben Jayantlal Joshi Ki Joint Family. Hats Off, the
producers of this serial are the uncrowned kings of the comedy genre
and it is a real pleasure working with them. Hats Off and I wanted to
work with each other but somehow because of clash in timings I could
not take it up. I am glad that I could take it up now with Jasuben
I am also feeling very nice that the audience will see me in a role
that is in line with my real age! Even my look in the show will be very

Do you think Kyun Ki came to a natural end? Or should it have gone on for some more time?
After eight years, it is natural that a show will come to an end. But I felt that Kyunki
could have had a much more graceful end. Any show will come to an end,
but the way this whole situation was handled could have been much

We have seen you in different cameo roles in films. Any plans of taking up a career in films seriously?
Any actor would like to see himself successful on the big screen. I
am no exception. At the same time, I am not in a hurry to build a
career in films. As you mentioned, I have done few roles in Joggers Park, Anwar etc.
but want to give it some more time before I focus on a career in films.
I personally feel you need time and luck to be successful on the big
screen. I don't think the time is right for me now to focus on films.

Your and Gauri's pair is the most popular pair on Indian television. Any plans of working together in future?
We are grateful to our audience and fan following for making us one
of the most popular pairs on Indian television today. As much as they
want to see us together, we would also like to work together for
different serials. But unfortunately, apart from reality shows we are not getting any good offers for working together in serials.

Gauri seems to have gone off the radar completely and become incommunicado…
It is nothing like that – she is very much there in the circuit.
Just that she is busy pursuing some of her interests. She is learning
painting and keeping herself busy with that. She spends a large part of
her day in pursuing painting as a hobby. In parallel she is also doing
a course on psychology.

What are your future projects?
I will be working on a new Balaji serial titled Kitni Mohabbat Hai.
The cast will comprise of mostly newcomers. But nothing is going to
start before a couple of months, so I feel it is too early to say
anything. Specially in an industry where storylines change on a daily

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Posted on 11 Dec 2008 4:10 pm
Source: http://www.tellychakkar.com/y2k8/dec/11dec/interview_hiten.php
Sorry if posted earlier

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Hiten Tejwani (Interview)
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